About Us

Our history, objectives, and operations.

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Who we are.

Illumination Systems L.L.C was established and operational since 2008 and formed as a response to the economic needs and the opportunities to use the qualifications, extensive industry experience, knowledge and skills of a team of young, vibrant and highly ambitious entrepreneurs to empower themselves through technical skill. 

We deal in range of luminaries designed for highways/roads, Solar solutions, sports areas, airports aprons, lounges, public area lighting, Commercial and residential buildings etc. A wide range of optics and LED options are offered, combined with latest technology in photometric design, to comply with the recommendations for glare control and light pollution in line with latest European and British standards, suitable for a variety of public area lighting applications; sports stadiums, road/street and highways lighting, Solar applications, car parks, squares, pedestrian zones, Commercial and residential buildings etc. 

Our Sectors of Operation.

I. Engineering:
a) Brief understanding of project technical specifications.
b) Lighting designs, calculations, simulations etc for all types of lighting applications in compliance to latest design parameters.
c) Preparation of compliance statements of all materials
d) Preparation of technical submittals of materials with data sheets,
design, drawings, reference test certificates & previous references, etc.
e) Preparation of shop drawings, Electrical layout plans, all types
f) Voltage drop calculations for all type of circuits.
g) Site visits & technical guidance to electrical sub contractor for proper installation
h) Technical guidance for final commissioning. 

II. Supplies – Project oriented Interior & Exterior Luminaries as:
a) Road, Solar, area, flood & sports lighting, Lighting poles & high masts, special purpose luminaries, Landscaping, facade and architectural lighting, Commercial and residential buildings etc
b) Electrical accessories and general electrical items

III. Project Execution:  
a) Project Management/ Supervision of Electrical and lighting Installations, commissioning and handing over etc.